The Growing Food Bill

The other day, Josh made omelets for the boys. He made absolutely enormous ones for himself and for Matan, pretty big ones for me and Yehuda, and smaller ones for the smaller boys. Watching Matan devour his enormous omelet, Josh kept looking at me and laughing in amazement. Was Matan really finishing the entire thing? Was it possible for one 10 year old boy to eat so much?

And when he finished, Matan looked around like a hungry bear cub. We both started to crack up. He was looking to see if perhaps one of his brothers hadn’t finished his lunch – and if Matan could snag it.

We find ourselves laughing quite often these days, watching Matan’s appetite grow and grow. The other day he came home from school and declared that he was making 4 pieces of French toast and malawach. I explained that perhaps he wanted to make 2 pieces of French toast first, eat them and see if he really wanted more. After devouring the French toast and the malawach he agreed that perhaps he didn’t need the other two pieces of toast.

I think we are going to need a second mortgage for our food bill!

We also haven’t quite yet incorporated into our thought process that we have five boys in the house who all eat their share (with one who will soon catch up). I’ll make a meal for dinner, assuming that it is plenty, and be awe-struck when they start rummaging through the kitchen for more food when everything on the table is empty.

And this, I know, is only the beginning!

It’s going to be a wild, highly-expensive ride through their teenage years.

And we look forward to every moment of it, even if our bank account won’t.

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