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Post Baby-Bump Beauty

I have never, ever written about a topic of this sort, but I felt compelled today. I’m not an obsessive fan of Kate Middleton’s, but I do enjoy watching what she wears and how she carries herself with dignity. And I was thrilled to see her outside of the hospital yesterday showing off the baby. But I was even more thrilled to see her showing off her bump.
I’m embarrassed to even show my knowledge in this area of pop culture..but here goes. Since she had her baby four or five weeks ago, Kim Kardashian, in contrast, has been in hiding. What’s she hiding from? First, she’s hiding her baby so that she can make a bundle by allowing one news organization to get the first pictures. But she is also hiding so that she can quickly attempt to lose that baby weight before she presents herself to the world again. The thought of showing herself in her natural, post-baby state is, undoubtedly, horrifying to her.
Now, I know the media world is absolutely brutal and that they will be waiting, with bated breath, to see if Kate loses her baby weight and how quickly she does so. All the same, I was so pleased to see her out in front of the hospital, beaming with joy and showing off her post-baby bump. She wasn’t hiding behind William or behind the baby’s blanket. She didn’t slink into the back of the car quickly after a cursory wave to the public. No – she smiled for the cameras and showed herself in all her glory – and beauty.
There is so much emphasis in our society today on weight, body image and looks. Our bodies are all different, and it is so vitally important to allow our girls (and our women) to understand that each and every one of these bodies is beautiful.  
And many women, as they grow larger in a pregnancy, give birth, and struggle to get back to a healthy weight afterwards, do so with frustration and embarrassment. And yet, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. The blossoming pregnant woman’s body is beautiful – as is her post-baby body. As she nurses her baby (hopefully), she should be able to see her body as amazing and miraculous – it has brought life into the world and is working to help that life to grow and flourish.

Show off that post-baby bump Kate. Enjoy every minute of your new motherhood, and help to remind the rest of us out there that we are beautiful, even at times when we don’t think we look our absolute most glamorous best.

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