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Another Bad Note for the Musically Challenged

Yesterday, Yakir had a really sweet musical performance at school. He told us about it for weeks, checking to make sure that we would be there (“It’s at 10:20 EXACTLY, Mommy. EXACTLY.”) and talking about the songs they would perform and the instruments he would play. It was a great performance and a lot of fun to watch the kids in action.

But it was something else for us too.

See, we have a very long relationship with the music teacher who we will call Morah Music. Morah Music takes her job very seriously, as she should, but the end result of that seriousness tends to be notes home…many notes…for Sussman boys.

Since as far back as I can remember, my darling children have been coming home with Morah Music notes. The kid was rowdy today, he didn’t listen in class, he played his darbuka when he was supposed to be quiet and on and on. And while I certainly appreciate her diligence, at some point the recipient of these notes either has to laugh…or cry.

I find that raising many children offers me perspective. While I might have gotten upset when my oldest first came home with a Morah Music note, I definitely don’t anymore.

The first time that Yakir came home with such a note, I got upset with him. And then I said, “Wait a minute! Is this from Morah Music?”

“Yes,” he replied, wondering if he’d just lucked out in some way.

“Oh my gosh, you’re the sixth son to get a Morah Music note. I don’t believe it!”

In front of him, I acted like I was not happy, and I made a deal with him that if he could manage to get a good Morah Music note, I would take him for a treat.

Behind his back, however, I wrote on the family whatsapp (which includes the three oldest boys) that boy 6 has joined the ranks of the Morah Music rejects. Everyone got a good laugh.

Eventually, Yakir got that good Morah Music note and we went out for popsicles. And I believe he may be the only Sussman boy who achieved the good MM note status.

We were very pleased to see him smiling yesterday and enjoying his performance. Well, until he asked when I could take the drums out of storage so that he could start banging on them at home.

Oh dear, can you imagine Yakir on drums?

I just might need to send Morah Music her own bad note.


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