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Covered in Flags

The country has been covering itself in Israeli flags since the horrific events of October 7. Our youth in our community have made it their personal duty to place flags anywhere and everywhere, offering the community a feeling of unity and of strength. I decided to document some of these flags and the process of putting them up. Keep in mind these are all just from our little community. When we had to venture into Jerusalem one day there were flags everywhere; but we were there for a funeral and I was certainly not in the mood to capture picture of flags.

Entrance to Efrat…glows very large at night

Many communities in the area have beefed up their security at the entrance gates. And then people have gotten creative and have painted Israeli flags and other beautiful scenes onto these barriers.


And of course there are signs indicating locations where we have food and drinks waiting for soldiers. And many other signs offering all of us strength.

This says: The Nation of Israel Lives!

Many websites that you go to in Israel are also decorated with flags. I was struck by our healthcare platform. This is what it currently looks like.

May we see better days soon!

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