Hashem’s Tooshie

On Friday night, most of the kids were at services with Josh. Amichai, Azriel and I were home reading, relaxing and hanging out. Here is the conversation that we had. Kids are something else.

Amichai: Mommy, does Hashem have a tooshie?
Mommy: Well, um, hmmmm, I don’t think so honey.

Silence, as I KNOW that he’s gearing up for the next, predictable question.

A: Mommy, if Hashem doesn’t have a tooshie, then how does he poop?
M: Oh dear Amichai. Well, that’s a darn good question. He doesn’t really poop.
A: He doesn’t poop!!?? Well, what happens to all of his poopie?
M: (Getting nervous and having no earthly idea how to explain this) Well, Amichai, we’ve talked about this before. Hashem isn’t really a person like you think. He’s sort of, well, out there and he doesn’t really have a shape.
A: What? But how does he poop?
M: (Thinking for a minute) How about some marshmallows?
A: Marshmallows? Ok….

And we were off the subject for another day! Deep sigh of relief from mommy!

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