A Baby Miracle

I’m feeling blue and frustrated about the Flotilla disaster, so I’ve decided to write about something lovely and beautiful.

Last Friday, we went to an amazing brit. The parents have four beautiful children, all of whom were conceived after years of IVF treatments. For anyone who has dealt with infertility issues and who has been through treatments, you can imagine what a commitment of energy, time, money, anxiety and hope these treatments must have been. While they hoped to have more children, they had come to the conclusion that they weren’t going to do more treatments. Financially, physically and emotionally taxing, the treatments had taken their toll and it was enough.

And then Hashem intervened.

Jump back about a year. The mother and I joined a diet group in our community a little over a year ago. This is a diet program that has become wildly popular in our area and that has shown drastic and fantastic results. My friend lost quite a lot of weight and felt great.

At some point, at a routine doctor’s visit, the doctor surprised her with some amazing news. They were pregnant. After years of trying, of tears, of shots and of medical intervention, they were now, miraculously, expecting with no intervention whatsoever. It turns out that her fertility issues were tied, in some way, with sugar intake and issues and that her diet had changed that for her body.

She delivered a bouquet of flowers to our diet group leader that very day, explaining that she had made this miracle baby possible.

And so, on Friday, we celebrated their beautiful brit, welcoming Adiel into our Neve Daniel family and into the world.

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