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Solomon Souza Brings Graffiti Art to Gush Etzion

Just another day here at my office in Gush Etzion…or not at all. Today, Jerusalem U, Micah Smith and Solomon Souza are working on something awesome in the basement of the building where I work. If you’ve been to the Machane Yehuda Shuk in the last number of years at night, then you know that many of the stalls are covered with breathtaking graffiti art created by Solomon Souza. His art showcases many of Israel’s and Jewish history’s greatest figures from Maimonides and Golda Meir to Henrietta Szold and Albert Einstein.

Pictures by Yonina from WikiCommons

His vibrant renditions are incredibly beautiful and create a dazzling way to enjoy the history of the Jewish people and of Israel on streets that always looked less than glamorous when the stores closed for the evening.

And today, he’s bringing his magic to our office space. He’s currently creating a mural in the basement of our building as a project produced by Jerusalem U and directed by Micah Smith. The end result of the project will be a short film that explores Jewish identity through the words of young Jews from around the world and through the graffiti art of Solomon Souza. This morning when I first peeked in, it looked like this:

Here is a video of him in action!

I came back a few hours later to find a dramatic difference in the mural. Wow!

I can’t wait to see the finished product tomorrow and to share it with you.

Never know what you’re going to see on a regular day at work here in the Gush.


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