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Happy Birthday Nana

It is music to my ears

When the kids yell, “Hey you’re cheating like Nana!”

While playing Rummikub

And then we all giggle and remember those days


Days when she would pick up the phone

With “Hello Ro, how are you dear”

“And how are those beautiful children?”

Or answer the door just as we walked up


Days when we would watch her eat

With that gold lame bib

She would proudly take out for lunch

And offer to buy me one as well


Today my fingers tingle

When I hold a book I think she would like

And I remember chatting

About books

About characters


But then my cheeks redden

When I think about that one time

I mailed her books only to discover

I had included something racy in the mix

And I tried not to laugh as she scolded me


I did not know my Nana in her youth

Raised by a single mother

Married to a brilliant workaholic

Brought to live in the Mohave Desert


I came on the scene in her golden years

And grew to love her even more as she aged

As she opened up and lost her edge

As she grew more vulnerable


And love her I did, deeply

Into her 90s

As she made butterfly glass jewelry in the home

And talked about politics and lectures

And reflected on her life

And mine


Happy Birthday dear Nana

Sometimes the prickliest of people


And leave room for the development

Of a lovely relationship

Even towards the end


You are missed and loved

All the way across the world


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