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Musical Inspirations

A few nights ago, the kids were all in their rather cranky it’s-5:00pm-and-we-need-to-drive-mommy-crazy moods. All of a sudden, it seemed out of nowhere, the music turned on; and just as quickly I saw all of the kids start to bop up and down. It was quite cute to see how instantly the mood shifted.

I peeked around a corner to see what was going on, only to find Matan, with a twinkle in his eye, adjusting the volume.

“Brilliant!” I thought to myself. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

And with that, the frustrations and rants of the moment melted into dancing and giggling. The baby started moving in circles (apparently his dance step) and would go around and around until he fell down, dizzy. Ok, maybe not the smartest thing in the world on his part; but it sure was fun to watch. Everyone else was giggling and dancing and having a blast.

Matan took out the camera and the tripod and filmed a few videos of all of them. Here is a clip from one of those videos. The kids spontaneously started dancing in this circle – melt a mother’s heart on the spot.

It’s Chodesh Adar, which means that it’s the month when Purim comes. And they are definitely getting into the crazy spirit of the month already.

May it be a wonderful, joyful and healthy one for all of us.

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